Al googling you may encounter an article from 2013 as it appeared in the media under the title:

“Lawyer file a report of scam against”

For a more balanced perspective on 4iTrust Integrity Services we can provide the following facts ...

The client, who is a lawyer, files complaints against 4iTrust/René ter Haar because he is not satisfied with the findings in a report of an investigation.

The public prosecutor decide in December 2014 that there is no suspicion of any criminal offense concerning (the work and report of) 4iTrust Integrity Services and René ter Haar.

The disciplinary Board of the Audit Chamber decide in February 2015 (14/1422 Wtra AK / ECLI: NL: TACKN: 2015: 10), that the acquisitions filed by the lawyer are all judged as unfounded.

In May 2015 there appears an article on this matter in the Auditor entitled:

"Investigator resists pressure from Principal."

A chartered accountant refuses to draw the conclusions that his client, a lawyer, wants. All the complaints submitted by the lawyer are assessed as unfounded.

According to this article the disciplinary Board of Auditor Chamber concludes:

  • That the report, which play a role in judicial proceedings, also serve the general interest and the truth and do not obstruct justice because the report is not one-sided focused on the position and interests of the client. Furthermore, the conclusions are based on a guaranteed basis.
  • The research and report of 4iTrust Integrity Services / René ter Haar are not in conflict with the diligence, integrity and professionalism and 4iTrust Integrity Services / René ter Haar has acted in accordance with the importance of a proper exercise of the profession and in accordance with the rules of professional conduct.
  • The results of the reports are clear and distinct and not false or misleading.
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